Cincinnati Duplex For Sale

Cincinnati Duplex For Sale

Are you looking for an incredible investment opportunity in the bustling city of Cincinnati? Well, look no further than this amazing Cincinnati Duplex for Sale in Avondale. This property not only offers a Victorian charm but also promises an exceptional cash flow opportunity.

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This grand Victorian-style triplex boasts two spacious four-bedroom units and a cozy one-bedroom unit. With such a versatile layout, this property caters to a wide range of potential tenants, ensuring a steady stream of rental income.

Cincinnati Duplex For Sale

Location is key, and this duplex certainly has that advantage. Situated in Avondale, it is conveniently close to the new developments in the area. Additionally, it takes only seconds to reach Downtown Cincinnati, the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and various hospitals. This prime location ensures a high demand for rental units, making it an attractive option for potential investors.

The proximity to the universities and hospitals is particularly advantageous. Students and medical professionals are always in search of suitable accommodation, and this triplex offers the perfect opportunity to cater to this demographic. With a consistent influx of potential tenants, you can expect minimal vacancies and a steady stream of rental income.

Furthermore, Avondale is a thriving neighborhood with a rich history and a diverse community. The area is experiencing significant growth and development, making it an ideal time to invest. As the neighborhood continues to evolve, property values are expected to increase. By acquiring this duplex now, you can benefit from the future appreciation of your investment.

In addition to its outstanding location, this Cincinnati duplex offers an incredible cash flow opportunity. The combination of a Victorian-style charm and spacious units ensures that you can command competitive rental rates. The demand for such properties is high, especially in this desirable location, allowing you to maximize your rental income and generate substantial returns.

Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer to real estate investing, this Cincinnati duplex is a fantastic opportunity. The potential for cash flow coupled with the prime location in Avondale makes this property an attractive investment option.

Don’t miss your chance to acquire this incredible cash flowing building and add it to your investment portfolio. With its Victorian charm, spacious units, and proximity to major attractions, this Cincinnati duplex promises an excellent return on investment. Seize this opportunity and secure your financial future in the thriving city of Cincinnati!

850 Hutchins Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229

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