Clarkdale Home For Sale

If you are someone who enjoys fixing things up and adding value to a property, then this Clarkdale home for sale might just be the perfect opportunity for you. Located in a historical area, this main home was built in the 1950s using traditional materials like straw and mud, giving it a unique and charming appeal.

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One of the most attractive features of this property is the large .32 acre double lot it sits on. The great news is that this lot can be split, providing you with even more potential for development or resale. Moreover, the property is zoned for both manufactured homes and site-built homes, making it a versatile opportunity for various investment projects.

Clarkdale Home For Sale

It is important to note that this property is being sold as-is, and all items that do not belong to the current tenant will be conveyed with the property. This means that you will have the chance to acquire additional resources and materials for your renovation or remodeling plans.

While the property offers immense potential, it’s crucial to be aware of some additional details. The property has been condemned by the City, which means that it does not meet the necessary requirements for habitation in its current condition. However, this setback can be seen as an opportunity for an ambitious investor who is willing to put in the effort to bring the property back to life.

Due to its condition, cash offers are the only acceptable form of payment for this property. Traditional financing options are not available. As a result, interested buyers should be prepared to invest their own funds into the purchase.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that showings for this property will only be permitted once it is under contract. This means that interested buyers will have to rely on their own research and due diligence to assess the property’s potential before making an offer.

While this fixer-upper may not be suitable for everyone, it presents a great opportunity for those who have the skills and passion for transforming a property. With the chance to split the lot and the flexibility of zoning, there are multiple avenues for potential profit. However, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate the property’s condition and potential costs before moving forward.

In conclusion, this Clarkdale home for sale represents an affordable fixer-upper opportunity for those who enjoy tinkering and building sweat equity. With its historical charm and the possibility of splitting the large double lot, this property offers a great investment project for those willing to put in the work. However, it is crucial to note the property’s condemned status, the requirement for cash offers, and the limitations on showings.

799 Calle Tomallo, Clarkdale, AZ 86324